The Thief of Gulistan
The Thief of GulistanNovember 6, 2019Storyyogi StoriesStoryyogi brings you a wonderful story from a kingdom named Gulistan. This is a story of Murad, a brRead More
The living royal prince
The living royal princeJuly 26, 2019Storyyogi StoriesThis is the story of a royal prince who loves his royal life which doesn't exist anymore. But, he haRead More
The witty God man
The witty God manMay 7, 2019Storyyogi StoriesIn a small village, there lived a rich man named Dhanilal. He had a huge mansion to stay and lots ofRead More
The bitter grandpa
The bitter grandpaApril 19, 2019Storyyogi StoriesOne cold Christmas eve, the village was full of light and festivities were on its peak. The big owl Read More
The mermaid who told the truth
The mermaid who told the truthApril 10, 2019Storyyogi StoriesIt was a stormy night. The sea was very rough and a huge ship was struggling with the rough weather.Read More

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  1. Very well written stories & General knowledge sections too are interesting…KEEP IT UP!

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