Storyyogi Money safety matters # 4 – What is fraud ?
Storyyogi Money safety matters # 4 – What is fraud ?July 22, 2020Money MattersStoryyogi presents an interesting and insightful edition on "Money safety" .Read on to know about thRead More
What is a bank locker ?
What is a bank locker ?April 6, 2020Money MattersStoryyogi discovers the concept of safety by knowing more about bank lockers. He visits his friend NRead More
Online banking#2-Unified Payment Interface(UPI)
Online banking#2-Unified Payment Interface(UPI)January 7, 2020Money MattersStoryyogi brings you with another knowledge feed on money matters. Presenting an interesting read onRead More
Online banking # 1- Fund transfer
Online banking # 1- Fund transferNovember 19, 2019Money MattersStoryyogi’s cousin Allan, introduces him to a new concept of money handling. Our inquisitive frienRead More
Quick tips for our little investors
Quick tips for our little investorsAugust 29, 2019Money MattersStoryyogi shares some quick tips for our little readers. Make sure these are read by our little moneRead More
Storyyogi Money Matters # 3 – Barter Trade
Storyyogi Money Matters # 3 – Barter TradeJuly 2, 2019Money MattersStoryyogi money matters is back, but this time with a twist, he takes you back to the old age tradinRead More
Storyyogi Money Matters # 2
Storyyogi Money Matters # 2May 24, 2019Money MattersStoryyogi is back again with another series of money matters with his dear friend Mr. Nosy. Read on Read More
Storyyogi’s Money Matters # 1
Storyyogi’s Money Matters # 1April 19, 2019Money MattersHi friends! Like reading, I love traveling too and for that I need money as with my pace and grace IRead More


  1. Very good effort Moshumi! I have shared it with my son and daughter so that my grand children could take advantage of this site.

  2. Hi Moushmi, very nicely and simply explained for kids.. Eesha read it and was quite curious…will look out for more such stuff..

  3. Very good knowledge for kids on how to save and grow their pocket money.

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