Elephants, the huge majestic animal.

Did you know that the elephants are the largest mammals in the world that live on land? The elephants can live in nearly any habitat that has adequate food and water. And they can live as long as eighty years.
You can find the huge elephants in Asia and Africa. The elephants in Africa are found in tropical forests, grasslands, savannahs and woodlands. They are taller than the Asian elephants. Asian elephants have smaller ears and shorter tusks.
The majestic elephant loves eating plants and due to their big size, they love eating lots of leaves and grasses. The diet of the elephants is Vegetarian. A group of elephants is called herd and the head of the herd is called the ‘ matriarch’, she’s the oldest female elephant.
The elephants have four teeth and two tusks. The tusks are long horn – like parts coming out from the sides of their mouth. They are made of ivory, a very valuable material.
They have a huge trunk. This is in fact a part of their nose and a huge upper lip. They breathe, smell and pick things with it. They use it to put food in their mouths and can even spray water with it.
Do you know that the elephants are also victims of some insensitive selfish humans? They get mercilessly killed by the poachers. Elephant tusks are made of ivory. Ivory is a very rare material. Because it is rare it is very precious . Their extracted tusks are used for making jewellery or decorative articles or lots of other uses. And it is traded illegally for huge amount of money.
Now a little more information on the importance of elephants in various cultures followed worldwide:
· Elephants are of great importance in Indian mythology. Lord Ganesha – one of the most popular Indian deities and the Lord of Wisdom – bears an elephant head. The elephant head symbolizes great intellect and wisdom. The God of Gods, Indra, is believed to have a white elephant named Airavata as his vehicle.

· In Buddhism, the elephant represents mental strength and composure. A grey elephant is a symbol of an uncontrolled, agitated mind.

· In Chinese culture, the Chinese character for ‘luck’ has the same pronunciation as that for ‘elephant’. An ‘elephant carrying a vase’ means that it is          bearer of good luck and peace.

· The elephant is also an important symbol in Thailand. It is part of the flag of the Royal Thai Navy. As a symbol, ancient kings in Thailand used to ride on white elephants to war. This held a value for white elephants as a symbol of royalty and high status.

That’s about it for now on the elephants. If you have something more to share on us ,write them in the comments  and we will be glad to read them.

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